Instant Valuation

ASK JORDAN.... How can I increase the value of my home?

In this blog Jordan describes some quick wins that will increase the value of your home.


De clutter

When it comes to marketing and selling your property, the first impressions count. The presentation of your property internally can create a negative impression if it feels too small. Decluttering helps make the rooms feel larger and this in terms will help buyers perceive a better space in each room.


Cut back your garden

After covid, we have all spent more time at home and our back gardens are a place we value more than ever. If your garden is overgrown, similarly to the tip of de cluttering, cutting back hedges and pruning trees can help gardens feel larger and properties feel more attractive.


Convert your garage

Garage conversions typically cost around £10-£15k and at approximately 190 sqft, this could add up to £60,000 to your overall price based on the average £300k to your overall value. This space could be converted to provide a home gym, office, snug or even a homework room for the kids!


Add a dormer and convert your attic

The addition of a bedroom and ideally an en suite, will certainly increase the value of your property. Many dormers can now be added under permitted development which speeds up the process. A typical three bedroom semi detached property which becomes a 4 bedroom/2 bathroom will likely increase in value by £50,000.


Extend with permitted development

Permitted development rights are designed to help property owners extend without the need for planning permission. They are specific to non conservation area locations and properties that are not listed. Typically, a semi detached property can extend to the rear (single story only) up to 6 metres and a detached property 8. The addition of this space to any property is bound to increase the value.


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