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Interior design guru Christine Yorath looks forward to colour and texture trends in 2021.

So home lovers, here we are nearly in 2021 and what are we going to see as the trends on interiors this year? 

For the last few years grey has been dominant in many homes around the country. Grey is not an easy colour to use in the UK because our climate doesn’t have the quality of sunshine or daylight for certain shades of it and you could find three or four shades of grey which completely clash with each other because the base might be green or brown or blue or pinky. 

About four years ago one of my clients wanted just about everything in her home in grey and I remember saying “whoever said there are Fifty Shades of Grey was totally underestimating.” 

Anyway, the good news is we are moving on! Looking at new collections of fabrics, of furniture, in magazines and in stores there is a positive change towards some of the lovely deep rich colours and in particular teal blue, electric blue, orange, mustard and rich Green. 

Texture is also becoming very important with lovely deep velvet piles for upholstery and curtain fabric and after years of plain painted walls we had a few years of the feature wall being covered in paper but now more and more people are growing in confidence in their use of wallpaper for the whole room and especially with some of the lovely darker and rich colours and quite matt finishes. 

Another trend which I have seen more of is to do the smallest room in the house, usually the downstairs WC, in quite a wacky, wild wallpaper designed to surprise or even shock. 

Companies like Cole and Son or Osborne and Little, collaborating with designers like Matthew Williamson, produce fabulous wallpapers for these small areas and although they can be quite expensive per roll you will probably only need a couple of rolls. 

So if you get a dreary wintry day and you want to banish the grey feeling maybe it’s time to introduce that colour back into your life .

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